Welcome to eBuild
eBuild is the City of Regina's online software for permit services. As an eBuild customer, you can submit your
application online and monitor the progress of your permit during the review stages.

Before you start, please ensure you review and complete the relevant application package. You will be prompted to
upload this at the end of the process.

Residential Application Packages
Addition Demolition      Single Family Dwelling
Alternative Family Care Home Deck/Sunroom      Pool
Backyard/Laneway Suite Foundation Repair      Renovation/Alteration
Basement Development Garage/Carport      Secondary Suite

Commercial Application Packages
Addition Multi Unit 3+ Units   Renovation/Alteration
Alternative Family Care Home New Commercial   Tent/Temporary Structure
Demolition Pool

To ensure your application is reviewed efficiently, please follow the City of Regina Formatting Standards.

You will receive email notifications from ebuildnoreply@regina.ca regarding your application.
Please ensure you are frequently checking your email and eBuild account for updates on your application.


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